Native Moon Apothecary business pitch

The owner of Native Moon Apothecary asked me to write a business pitch as part of an entrepreneurial presentation:

Native Moon Apothecary is a destination retailer specializing in whole-body holistic care for discerning customers who seek natural remedies and body products.

People have a range of ailments and concerns, including sensitivities, allergies or distrust of the ingredients found in many personal care products. We are a trusted source for products made in-house with simple, natural ingredients.

Our customer appreciates the quality and craftsmanship of handmade goods, as well as honest ingredients in products including teas, soaps, scrubs, bath salts, tinctures, and salves. With a concern about potentially harmful ingredients on the rise, more and more people are carefully reading labels and choosing products with ingredients they understand.

Similar products from bigger companies are available locally at retailers like Whole Foods and Clifton Natural Foods, and online from a variety of companies, large and small. As an independent brick and mortar, we offer personalized service and unique, small-batch products made in-house by the owner herself. Customers appreciate connecting with a small business owner who is also the maker.

Our primary sales channel and revenue stream are the Walnut Hills store itself, with occasional off-site events including revenue-generating workshops with complementary partners, and custom products made exclusively for select local businesses. Marketing includes word-of-mouth, print collateral and social media, and will soon include an email list as well. The major expenses for the store are rent, utilities, inventory, and raw ingredients for in-house products.

Native Moon Apothecary’s immediate goals include finalizing the new brand identity and deploying it across the business, including new store signage, print collateral and product packaging, and an overhaul of the interior look-and-feel of the space. After that, the store will focus on broadening the product assortment and building up inventory in anticipation of the holiday season, with strategic marketing initiatives to improve brand recognition and increase sales. Graphic design and marketing assistance are needed as part of this process.